Me Mad May Round Up 1

MeMadeMay15(1)Sans titre-4

I was excited to get back into Me Made May this year, but I decided to tailor (no pun intended) my participation to just Instagram (find me here). It’s easier that way, and I love using the hashtag to see what everyone else has been making and wearing! I’ve only missed Day 2 (I was up at an ungodly hour that day and decided the trip home was challenge enough). Getting a photo everyday is difficult, but I’ve been having adventures with the self-timer and some very accommodating friends.




Comings and Goings of Bicycles

Do you remember the Missed Connections Blog, written by Sophie Blackall? It was a favourite of mine. Her illustrations of Missed Connection type classified ads were eventually collected into a book. She also has an etsy shop of her prints, but I’m so sad that this bicycle related one isn’t available.


Thursday, August 27, 2009
sorry your bike got stolen. its beautiful. when some guy offered it to me for 40 bucks, i didnt even think twice. i was drunk, missing my bike and figured if not me, someone else would buy it anyways. also, my bike got stolen last week. who knows, maybe you bought it for 40 bucks from some guy on the street. so if you see me riding it, feel free to say hey. maybe we could trade back. if not, you can buy it from me for 40 bucks. id buy my old bike back for 40 bucks. it was way more comfortable than this one.